Amuse Bouche, Bamboo Clams, Spring Rolls, Bamboo Soup and Happy Birthday Kuchi

So, some Bamboo Clams arrived in to our kitchens. Normally, we would just steam them, add some lime juice and serve, or even grill them with some Garlic Oil and Coriander. However, we decided on a a new way to serve them, as an Amuse Bouche, wrapped in blanched Courgette and drizzled with our New Style XO Sauce with Mackerel Roe.

Bamboo Clams

Mackerel is an amazing fish, oily yet wholesome. The Roe, from fresh Mackerel, is boiled, mixed with our New Style XO Sauce and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Bamboo Clams are blanched in Fish Stock with Bay Leaves and Young Garlic.

Just before serving, a drop of Lime Juice is dripped on to the Bamboo Clams.


Mini Spring Rolls

Mini Spring Rolls.

Attention to detail is needed to make our Mini Spring Rolls. Gone are the days of Rolls (Egg Rolls) as thick as your forearm (like so many so-called Asiatic Restaurants tend to serve.) We make our Rolls daily, filled with seasoned fresh vegetables and glass noodles. Our Rolls never exceed 5 centimetres in length, this way, when deep fried, oil doesn’t enter the Roll and make it greasy.


Bamboo Soup Laocook

Our Bamboo Soup is a variation of “Fish Maw Soup”. Whole Quail Eggs are cooked in Double Chicken Stock with added Dark Soy Sauce, the Bamboo Shoots add a “Crunchy” texture to the dish, garnished with Chopped Coriander, resulting in a soup that welcomes in the Spring.


Kuchi Birthday

After “Service”, Kuchi celebrates his birthday, (guess how old he is!). Other birthdays that we celebrated are King´s (in his absence (we miss you)), Saki´s and Jopi´s.


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