LC.TV Roti Pancake

Roti, a word used all over Asia can refer to different types of recipes and dishes. Indian in origin, Roti refers to Bread. To Laotians and Thais, Roti conjures up the image of street vendors, slapping the dough on an oiled surface, then frying it in oil and butter on an iron skillet.

Adding Eggs, gives the Roti more body, and it is best served immediately with lashings of Condensed Milk.

Roti Street Vendors normally start their trade at dusk, and I have fond memories of nights driving around looking for a quick snack.


You can ask for Chocolate Sauce, Coconut, Honey, Lemon and Fruits to be added if you want.

Locals seem to stick to a particular Vendor, because the Dough Recipes and Cooking Technique are individual.

Street Food at its best…


14 thoughts on “LC.TV Roti Pancake

  1. Hi Nongluk.

    You seem to have forgotten to give us your email address, anyway, there are loads of recipes for the pancake, but the technique is the hardest to master.

  2. what is the fat used here? it seems more yellow than what you’d expect for butter.

    great video, by the way. hope to see more from your culinary travels in laos.

  3. I think that the word Roti is of Indian origin, and is basically a flat bread. Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore all have their own versions, all eaten with Condensed Milk.

  4. Can you e-mail me the roti recipe please. When I try tje recipe from someone, it does not look like the one show here. It look like India roti which is hard and thick like tortilla. I wan the thai version which is soft and very thin. Please .

  5. Hola Jay,

    The recipe for Roti Canai and Roti Prata are very similar. I imagine that the reason you are getting  thick “tortilla-like” results is because you are not stretching it enough. The Pro´s “flip” the dough on on oiled surface, stretching it as thin as possible before cooking on the hot grill.

    At the restaurant we use a large heavy oiled plastic rolling pin, on our steel tables, it gets them thin, but not as thin as the street hawkers versions. 😦

  6. Hi! oh my gosh what is the name of the song at the beginning of the video?? please let me know!! i love it! who sings it? alexandra bounxouie?

  7. hi!! please mail me the recipe for laos pancakes! they were my favorite thing there when i went and i would love to try and make them!

  8. Can you please email me the recipe for it, would like to try it. Please posted more lao food recipes. You guys are the best!

  9. Hi Mary, and thanks for your comment. Sadly we didnt make the Roti, just watched it being made (and later ate it…yummy), therefore we dont have the recipe.



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