Green Park, Vientiane

It takes my breath away to see how much Vientiane has changed over the past few years. New Roads are being laid, new buildings being built, even the Morning Market will have a new home soon.

There was a time when accommodation for the traveller meant small family run Guest Houses or Hostels.

Now Vientiane caters for all travellers with varying budgets. The towering Don Chan Palace is a landmark on the bank of the Mekong (inside you could be mistaken for thinking you were anywhere in the world other than Vientiane). The land next to the hotel is earmarked for development, a shopping centre to follow.

A little further, in what some people call “Down Town Vientiane” you can find the Lao Plaza Hotel, a favourite for Business and Official visitors, and also the former work place of the Laotian cooks that make up “the A Team”.

Big hotels are great, but if you are like me, I prefer smaller, perhaps more personal hotels.

The Green Park Boutique Hotel is one such place. Metres away from the current Morning Market, the hotel blends in well with its surroundings.

Modern yet Traditional, it is extremely well kept, and the staff, like most Laotians, are warm, friendly and helpful.


The rooms are spacious. Old Antiques and Paintings in the rooms are also for sale.


I love King Sized Beds!.



The Pool and wonderfully maintained Garden.

The surrounding land is to be transformed in to a Leisure Complex, with the Lake as its hub by a Malaysian company. Apparentely, soon you will be able to Water-Ski in the centre of the Capital!.


The hotel also has an up-to-date Business Centre, with a quick Internet connection. You can also find the usual amenities and facilities that you would expect from a high class hotel.

The only drawback I found was the restaurant, I would recommend that you venture out, but that may be because I am a fussy diner.

Talking about Restaurants, I really wanted to meet the staff and try the food at the Makphet Restaurant, unfortunately, I had saved this dinner for my last meal in Vientiane, and unluckily for me, the day I went was their day off.

If any of you have had the chance to eat there, I would really like to know.



3 thoughts on “Green Park, Vientiane

  1. Thanks for this – I’ll be in Vientiane between 24 and 29 December and plan to have at least one meal at Makphet – I’ll let you know how it was!

  2. Hi Dennis, glad that you like the site.

    I am afraid that I will beat you to Makphet as I am going towards the end of November. !! lol

    So you will be spending Christmas in VTE, thats sounds great, hope you have fun! 😉

  3. If I go back to lao some time  next year I like to go have lunch at Markphet and I wander how much Hotel gost a night?

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