Farewell to King & Laurene

Since the 18th February 2005, King and Laurene have been an influential part of the “A Team”.

Today we say our Farewell’s to 2 members who have shown us through their genuine friendship, warmness, good spirits and sense of humour that there really is “a life outside work”.

King and Laurene will be sorely missed by everyone who has had the fortune to meet them. We at Laocook salute them, and wish them the very best.

King Laocook

King & Laurene

King Laurene Beach

The “A Team” also say a belated farwell to Patty, who returned to France in January after her training period.

Patti Laocook

All members of the “A Team” that have passed through our Kitchen Doors have given us the building blocks and foundations that make us what we are.

We continue our Journey with the knowledge that you have all helped shaped Laocook.com.


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