Buddha Park

Buddha Park, also known as Xieng Kuan or Xiang Khouan is a short drive from Vientiane. Within the park you will find Buddhist and Hindu Sculptures and Effigies.

Though the pieces look hundreds of years old, they were actually made in the 1950´s by Luang Pa Bunleua Sulilat (who also established a similar Park across the boarder near Nong Khai, Sala Kaew Ku).


“The doorway to Heaven and Hell”


You can climb the structure which symbolizes Hell, Earth and Heaven, its a long circular climb, but the views from the top are worth the leg and back ache…


The 40 metre reclining Buddha is perhaps the Centre Piece of the Park.


Okay, okay, we couldn’t resist taking the above Photo!


After browsing around the park, you can take a few moments to relax next to the Mekong and enjoy a quick beverage and snack.

A lot has been written about the park and its creator. Some saying that the Park is Lao Kitch and Tacky, but I think that you should enjoy the Park for what it is, and pay homage to the creators work and vision.


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