Riverweed, or River Moss is also known as Khai Paen or Kaipen. The finished product resembles Nori Sheets, but Riverweed, as the name states, is collected from the riverbed, from stones and small rocks. In their fresh state, they look like bright green cotton threads, and can be seen being sold in market stalls near the river banks.

Riverweed River Moss Laocook

The Riverweed is dried, before being seasoned and pounded into paper thin sheets and left out in the sun to dry.

Sun Dried Riverweed Laocook

Topped with Sesame Seeds and other flavours, the Riverweed can be lightly shallow fried until crispy. It is best enjoyed with a cold Beerlao (preferably in a bar next to the river!).

Riverweed Close Up Laocook


With more and more people visiting Laos, its great to see the positive impact that tourism is bringing. Of all the people that I have met, in person and online, one things remains constant, Laos is a Beautiful Country, and everyone has fond memories of her.

Alex has posted some wonderful photos on his pbase site, check them out, there are two galleries featuring Laos, here and here.


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