LCTV Update “Sen and King Crab”

The King of Crabs, more expensive than Lobster, was presented as an Amuse Bouche a few days ago. Like the name suggests, it is truly Majestic.

King Crab Soup Laocook

Simply served as a Soup, made with a base of King Crab Stock, only Chives are used to add a delicate balance.

The raw crab is blanched in Vegetable Stock to make it easier to remove the “meat” from the shell. The “meat” is retained as the Shells are lightly roasted then boiled (to bring out more flavour) . It is a “must” to remain true to the original flavouring.

The photo above hardly does the King Crab justice, so the LCTV Video below should show “how Majestic, it really is”. (Note how Sen seperates the “meat” from the Shell, which will later be used to make the Stock)

The VDO ends with King making a “Paste” for an “Or” (Lao Stew).


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