November 15 Update

Much has been going on the the kitchens over the past few days, and before we know it, the Festive Season will be upon us, after that, then its our Holiday Time!

Most of the A-Team will be visiting family back in VTE and Thailand, whilst King and Laurane will be eating their way through top restaurants in London & Paris.

We got some lovely King Crab legs in last week, shelled them and made a nice Crab Soup with Chopped Chives.

King Crab Soup Laocook

I am starting to prefer King Crab to Lobster now, and will be making some Tempura with it soon. It is expensive, but worth it…


A quick Amuse Bouche that we came up with was “Yum Somen” , served in bite sized portions.

Yum Somen Laocook

Just pop it in your mouth, and you are good to go…


Tuna Sashimi on Ice. Nothing beats the clean taste of fresh Tuna. Our Tuna is graded on its fat content, and the best parts come from near the stomach..


Tuna Sashimi on Ice Laocook

Tuna Sashimi Laocook on Ice

Simply presented on Ice Bowls, the freshly cut fish stays cool and crisp for quite some time.

LCTV are working on a short Sushi and Sashimi presentation, which we will post as soon as it is finished. Stay Tuned!…


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