Our new project has been fondly called LCTV (Lao Cook T.V.). We want to be able to share with our visitors some techniques and eventually recipes from our kitchens. Though in its infancy, we hope that this project will grow, and as we get to grips with the required programming (recording, editing, voice overs etc…), we are sure that the Videos will get better too!

We will be experimenting with different sizes and quality of Video in future posts, so don’t be surprised if you see a few strange Updates.!


We buy whole Chickens because it is more cost effective for us. The Chickens are Sectioned in to various pieces, to be used in various kitchens and recipes.

Firstly the Legs are removed, followed by the Breasts and Wings, and then the Tenderloins. The Carcass is used for stocks and sauces. Next we separate the Breast from the Wings, then cut the Wings in to two.

The Chicken “Oyster” is then separated from the top of the Thigh, which in turn is cut away from the Leg.

We usually work in a team, with one person Sectioning the main Chicken and someone else dividing the cuts.

For an indication on how fast the operation takes, below is a video of King Sectioning the main Chicken in 50 seconds.

It looks like the video has been speeded up, but we assure, it isn´t….. (we dont know how to do that yet!)

Below is an informal interview with King. (The Video was shot by one of our Spanish colleagues).

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