November 6 Update

Sorry, Photo of Hammerhead Shark lost during SErver crash of May 23 2007

Our new friend wouldn´t look out of place at a Sci-Fi Convention.

After cleaning and cutting the Shark, we have marinated some fillets in King´s Honey & Miso Sauce, where we will leave it for a few days before giving the meat its first taste test. We will keep you informed of the progress…

Kuchi´s colourful and tasty Sushi Dish.

laocook Sushi

Laocook Sushi 2

Each Roll has the same main ingredient inside it. Above we have Tuna, King Prawn, Tomago (folded egg), Avocado, Seabass and Salmon.

Prawn Balls

Crispy Prawn Balls with Spicy Plum Sauce. The sauce is delicately sweet with a spicy finish, which goes well with the Prawn balls, which we served as an Amuse Bouche.


Now that hunting season is well on, King receives an arrival of freshly shot Duck.

King Duck

Cleaning Duck

The bird is hung for a few days to let it tenderise and develop its unique flavour. Above we start to prepare some Duck that arrived last week.

Using warm water makes plucking the feathers more easy, and it also stops feathers from flying all over the kitchen!

Depending on how long you hang the game will determine how strong the flavour is. We find that after 3 or 4 days, the flavour is just right for making Larb Phet.

Duck Cleaned


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