Anouck Crowned Miss Asia 2006

Congratulations to Anouck for being crowned Miss Asie (Asia) 2006 during the beauty pageant that took place in France over the weekend.

Organised by the association “Les Jeunes de l`ASEAN“, all the money rasied will be used to help schools in ASEAN countries.

We were also glad to know that the two runners up are also Laotian Girls!


Anouck is now busy recording another song back in the UK. Hopefully she will send us some Concert footage soon too!

3 thoughts on “Anouck Crowned Miss Asia 2006

  1. Lovely ! what’s the name of the album? and is she your daughter? I am not sure if it’s her song, the one that comes with the clip…

  2. Hi Laoseattle, and thank you for the nice comments.

    lol, no Anouck is not my daughter (I am not sure if I am old enough 😆 )

    As far as I know, the Album is still in the works, and yes, it is her song.

    The Laocook theme which is used in most of our LCTV presentations is “Here to Stay” written and performed by Band INU.

    We are glad that you like it.


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