October 11 Update

Some Like it Hot!.

It seems that every meal for the A-Team consists of something SPICY. Nothing beats that sharp burning hit that Chilli gives you. It is not Hot for the sake of being Hot, it is Hotness with Flavour and Character.

We love it when diners request a bit of added Spice with their meals.

Our Hot Trio.

Hot Trio

Fresh Chillies with Garlic, Fish Sauce and Lime Triangles is the star of the Trio.

Chinese Style Chilli Oil (cut with Shallot Oil) and Thai Original Sriracha complete the Hot Threesome.


We adore Steamed Fish. Not only is it a healthy way to prepare a dish, it is also lovely and smooth, and full of flavours.

Our fish for steaming (in this case a Sea Bream) is deboned (easier to eat) before being stuffed.

Steamed Fish Prep

You will find Ginger (a must) alongside Spring Onion Tails (Scallions), Bruised Lemon Grass, Limes and Kaffir Leaf inside the cavity of the fish. Garlic Oil is also drizzled over the fish as well as Mushroom Soy Sauce and a dash of White Wine.

It it steamed for only a few minutes before being served.

Steamed Fish

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