October 5 Update

Lucky. Lucky is the name that the A-Team have given their adopted friend. She flew in to their lives one day and is now a regular visitor to the House.

She likes to be photographed.



Sorry, the photographs for this post were lost when the Server crashed on May 23 2007.

Back in the Kitchens…

Our fleet of Sea Dragon Rolls are ready to set sail. King Prawn is fried in Breadcrumbs before being rolled in Sushi Rice. Paper thin slices of Avocado give the dish a smooth finish.

Boiled Pork Dumplings, which will simply be served with Double Cooked Chicken Stock with a dash of Garlic Oil.

Our Char Sui Pork. The Oven Thermometer tells us when the pork has reached 145º, that’s when we let the meat rest (the temperature will still rise to about 155º whilst resting), that’s how we achieve succulent pork that is not dry inside.

Marinated Sardine on Yuca Chip served with a Sake Sour Shot. A nice way to begin your meal…

Other Pre-Dinner Canapés ready to go.

Our Dim Sum assembly line… Here we make bite sized dumplings either for steaming or frying.

Newly arrived Corvina that will be shared between the restaurants. The A-Team gets first Dibs on the Innards which will be made in to an “Or”, a Laotian Stew.

Preparations for the evenings Teppan Table in progress.


Its not always work, work, work. Sometimes we find time to chill.


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