End of September Update

Sorry, the photographs for this post were lost when the Server crashed on May 23 2007.

What a month this has been!.

When you are having fun, time seems to rush on by so quickly.

To end this month, King used some Pandan Juice that he had stocked. Kindly provided by Darly, the Pandan leaves were juiced then frozen until needed. Needless to say, the aroma of the Pandan Juices makes the A-Team think about home…

Kanom Chun (Layered Dessert) takes time to make, the Coconut and the Pandan Aroma compliment each other very well. King adds Sesame Seeds, recently toasted to add a different, earthly scent. The dessert is served very cool, so that the layers “Speak for themselves”, as King fondly says.

Tangerine “Supremo’s” give a welcome acidic yet sweet accompaniment.


The “most ordered” dish this month is unarguably the “New Style Goong Che Nam Pla”. Whenever it is on the menu, it always “sells out”. Each day, fresh King Prawns are prepared for the evening “Service”, which starts at 20.00hrs. Normally by 21.00hrs, the dish is “sold out”.

Because of the fine slices of King Prawn, this dish needs to be assembled and eaten as quickly as possible, that way, the Prawns retain their special and succulent flavour, whilst the Marinade deliverers a roasted and toasted subtleties to the overall dish, all washed down with Sushi Wine, I must say, it is one of my favourites too…


3 thoughts on “End of September Update

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  2. Can you give me the recipe for Kanom Chun, been looking for it a while and would love to learn to cook more of our lao food here in the U.S.

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