September 28 Update

Sorry, the photographs for this post were lost when the Server crashed on May 23 2007.

When fresh Cuttlefish or Squid arrive, we like to use them for Sushi or Sashimi. They have to be cut in a special way, to avoid the texture being tough or chewy. For the tentacles, and body parts that are not used for Sushi or Sashimi, we like to make a basic “Yum”. A “Yum” can be compared to a dressed salad, the key ingredients being salty, sweet and tangy (and a little spicy if you wish).

To make eating the “Yum” easier for our diners, we slice the Cuttlefish thinly to resemble Noodles, and quickly blanch them and refresh them in an Ice Bath. Carrot threads add colour and texture.

Sometimes a little Chilli Oil can lift the dish too.


To finish off a well enjoyed meal, a dessert is always welcome.

Nothing tops an Ice Cream or Frozen Dessert.

The above pic is from my days at Miramar, its an Exotic Nougat (made with Dried Fruits and Sesame). The Mango Coulis adds the sharpness, whilst the Caramel Dome gives the dish an elegant touch, a touch of love that the diners know the Chef has added in his interpretation of the dish.


Sometimes we like to “have fun”.

As a youngster, I was fascinated with the Cream Egg by Cadbury.

The Chocolate Shell with Sweet White and Yolk was a must for a child of the 80´s.!!
Later, I would read books about art and the jewellery created by Faberge. So intricate, delicate and so beautiful.

Years later, I would piece the two ideas together.

A Chocolate Egg with Pure Vanilla Ice Cream and Gold Leaf (edible Gold!! wow!). I used to decorate the plates with either the words “Pour Amour, or Par Amore, or Por Amor, or For Love”, after all, such a gift you only give to the ones you love..

Funnily enough, it was thinking back to the Miramar days that inspired the following dish.

The (Dessert) Egg.

It is something that most of us take for granted, something that we eat perhaps everyday, usually for breakfast, though it does appear in lunches, dinners and snacks. However, it was the breakfast egg that grabbed my attention, “Why only fry eggs in the morning?” I thought.

Perhaps I was just poking fun at at the thought that I never eat breakfast (unless you include a cigarette with Coffee).

Passion Fruit “Yolk” Parfait with Yoghurt “White”. It looks funny yet tastes refreshing!

You see, there is humour in the kitchens after all….


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