Septiembre 26

Sorry, some photographs for this post were lost when the Server crashed on May 23 2007.

Hola a todos! One of my best memories and tastes of the Summer comes from the aroma of Fresh Sardines being cooked on the BBQ. Before coming to Spain, the only Sardines I saw were in tins soaked in Oil or Sauce. I could never imagine how nice they would taste when freshly grilled, seasoned only with Sea Salt (Maldon of course!).

Sometimes we also marinade the fresh fillets, using Shallot Oil and Grated Ginger.

laocook Sardines

Above, our Marinated Fillets of Sardines with Cherry Tomatoes, Pickled Cucumber, Orange Zest and Coriander Oil, served with a Yum of Squid with Black Sesame Seeds and Toasted Garlic.

The taste is complex, but when eaten together and enjoyed with a crisp Chardonnay, the flavours meld together very well.


A softer dish we made this week was our King Prawn with Wakame Seaweed and Tofu Soup. The Prawn is quickly blanched in stock before being added to the Wakame and Tofu.

A drop or two of Garlic Oil gives the soup extra depth. Not only is the wakame full of nutrition, it is pleasantly silky and matches well with the Softness of the Tofu and Prawn (which is medium rare).


A Lao Kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a “Tum”. Unfortunately we cannot get Papaya here, however, we do get some lovely crispy Long Beans, which have a wonderful texture.

Our “Tum” Judias Verde (Green Bean) Salad, ready to go.


Another take on Frogs Legs.

This time served Tempura Style…


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