September 22 Update

Sorry, the photographs for this post were lost when the Server crashed on May 23 2007.

We have been busy lately, both in the kitchens and outside. Now that the summer is drawing to a close, the weather is starting to change. It is still sunny and hot during the day, but the evenings are getting much cooler. Hunting Season has just started (as well as Oyster Season), and the A-Team are looking forward to some Game coming their way…


Frog Legs served with 4 Sauces. Lightly floured and seasoned Frog Legs are served with Sun Dried Cherry Tomato and Ginger, Peanut and Red Spice, Miso and Sesame and Yakitori sauces.

Sweet Potato Shreds. We love the colour of the Sweet Potatoes, which are finely shredded and deep fried before being seasoned. A little bit messy to eat as is, but once you start, it is hard to stop….


Laurene´s sister Anouck paid us a visit. Though we had a hectic week, we still found some time to chill with her.

Her first lunch in Spain consisted of Giant Prawn (with Jéow Som of course!)

Laurene and Anouck enjoying the recently boiled fresh prawns.

After dinner photo at our friend Enrique´s Restaurant where we had loads of Grilled Beef and perhaps a little too much wine…

Later that night at a housewarming party (at 02.00hrs!).

At Anouck´s “Hasta Luego Party” at the Asiatic house.

We were delighted when Anouck agreed to sing, even more so when she said that she would do it “A Cappella”.

When she sings, she truly is in her element, not only do you hear her voice, you can feel it too.

We cant wait until her CD is out!.


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