September 13 Update

Our adventures in our “Aharn Menu” continue with some old favourites, and some new ideas.

Sticky Rice Popcorn

Sticky Rice “Popcorn”. Sticky Rice is mixed with Black Sesame Seeds and left to air-dry for a few days. It is then deep fried in clean oil, where it puffs up and is seasoned with fine Sugar and Salt.

Tuna Chips

Mille-feuille of Yuzu Dressed Tuna and Green Tea Chips with Avocado.

Seabass Miso

Cuts of Seabass with Fried Vegetables and Miso Sauce. Lightly floured Seabass is seasoned then pan-fried, in between, wok fried fried Pak Choi Leaves, Carrots and Onion. A sweet Miso and Sesame sauce lends an interesting aroma.

Weeping Tiger

New Style Weeping Tiger with Cucumber. Prime Fillet of Beef is seared, then cut in to strips and brushed with our weeping Tiger Sauce made with Tamarind. Cucumber Matchsticks gives the bite sized pieces a crunchy texture whilst the Tamarind based sauce gives it a welcome tang.


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