September 12 Update

Sorry, some photographs for this post were lost when the Server crashed on May 23 2007.

The past weekend has been hectic for everyone. Everyone has a welcome day off tomorrow (another excuse to go out to eat!).

The Laocook Hat is continuing its journey is now currently in Kansas City, after being in Volendam (Holland), perhaps we should make some more Laocook Hats and see how far they reach…

Back in the kitchens…

“Missing Photo”

Squid Lollipops ready to go: A favourite Amuse-Bouche that surprises everyone.

“Missing Photo”

Finishing touches are added to Saki and Kuchi´s “Dragón Del Mar Rolls”. King Prawns are coated in Panko, then deep fried until Golden. Then they are wrapped up Ura-Maki Style (inside out Maki) with Cucumber and Avocado, then wrapped again in thin Avocado slices. Soft and Crunchy!

Iberico Char Sui Pork

Khamsene´s Char Siu Pork, made with the renowned top-grade Iberico Pork (perhaps the best pork in the world), and served Spanish Style with Picos.

“Missing Photo”

Marinated Sardines served on top of Green Tea Chips. Fresh Sardines are marinated in our special recipe before being immersed in Shallot Oil for a day. They are served with Grated Daikon and Ginger. The Sardines taste fresh, sweet, clean and the saltiness of the Caviar mingles well with the aftertaste of light Ginger. It sounds weird, but tastes great…

“Missing Photo”

Two Way Fish Special. A whole Bream is filleted, the body seasoned and deep fried whilst the delicate flesh is steamed with Lime, Ginger, Sake and Soy Sauce. To serve, Julienne vegetables (Wok fried with Oyster and Sesame Sauce) are sandwiched between the steamed fillets. The dish is finished with a Sun Dried Cherry and Ginger Sauce (not shown).


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