September 5th Update

Sorry, the photographs for this post were lost when the Server crashed on May 23 2007.

Now that August and the “Staff Holiday Season” is over, its all “Full Steam Ahead” in the A-Team Kitchens.

“Kuchi Maki”, King Prawn and Avocado Ura-Maki (inside-out roll), rolled in Rice Paper. The result is a chewy and refreshing texture. Made “to order” the Nori still retains its crunchiness, whilst the Rice paper bonds the morsel together. The King Prawns are skewered (to stop them from bending whilst cooking), and cooked briefly (a matter of seconds) in boiling water, then plunged in an Ice Bath, that way they keep their natural flavour without becoming overcooked and flaky.

“Oshinko Maki”, Pickled Daikon Maki, served on Chopsticks (because we felt like it!). The Pickled Daikon adds a tangy bite to the rice. Instead of our normal Vinegar Sushi Rice Mix, we added extra Mirin to make it a little sweeter, that way the sharpness of the Pickled Daikon becomes more noticeable, a kind of Sweet and Sour Maki…

“Pon Pla on Yuca Chips”, our Pon Pla is made with Bream, which has a soft fresh flavour. Saki´s idea to add Crispy Shallots to the “Pon Pla” added an additional pleasant aroma. The Yuca chips are made by finely slicing Yuca and frying them in very hot oil until golden. The “Chips” kept in an air-tight container will keep for a week. We also like to serve “Goy Pla” (a kind of Larb Fish) on the Chips too.

Individual Satay´s are served with our Special Spicy Peanut Sauce. Homemade Red Curry Paste is added to our Peanut Sauce (no Peanut Butter! that’s cheating), to give it extra “body”. Khamsene and Khamhoung have been working hard on our Peanut Sauce recipe, which uses deep fried raw Peanuts and is pounded my hand with a Pestle and Mortar. Another secret ingredient is PX Sherry, which lends a subtle sweetness.

Mini Flash Fried Salmon “Chilli Tamarind Teriyaki” with Vegetables. The vegetables are wok fried with Shallot Oil and a dash of Sesame Oil which gives the dish a very welcoming aroma. Because we find that Salmon is a very “fatty” fish, we cut the Teriyaki sauce with Tamrind and Chilli Puree to give it a tangy spicy kick.

Extra Crunchy Tempura by Saki. We love Tempura of all kinds, especially when Saki makes it. The secret is in the temperature of the oil when frying. Tempura is purely a Japanese dish and we remain faithful to the original recipes, the batter is crunchy yet remains light, not overpowering the goodness of the primary ingredients, in our case, Long beans, Mushrooms, Carrots and King Prawns. A delicate dish like this cannot be rushed in preparation or execution. It is well worth the wait…

Black Sticky Rice with Coconut Flan. An old favorite, presented in an “Easy to Eat” fashion. A Nigiri-Sushi influence is obvious, is it easy to eat and savour, our bite-sized pieces are offered as an “Appetizer” to the dessert proper.

Before serving, Brown Sugar is added and the use of a Kitchen Blow Torch adds an extra dimension. Welcomingly Gooey and Sweet….


We cant seem to stay away from Restaurants. Even on our days off, we always seem to end up in a restaurant.

Rose, King, me and Junior await our Oysters in a local eatery. The table shows a bottle of water (for Laurene), but later it would be occupied with 4 bottles of wine…….hiccup… 🙂


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