August 26 Update

Sorry, the photographs for this post were lost when the Server crashed on May 23 2007.

The King of Crabs.

Laurene, King and I had the opporunity to eat some succulent King Crab.

Simply boiled or steamed, the meat has a very juicy texture.

Partnered by the Giant Prawns and jar of Jéow Som, it was a great lunch indeed.

Pre-dinner drinks, later the same day.

We had a very special dinner, washed down with very special wine.


Elsewhere, the A-Team are having their own party.

Khamhoung demonstrates his Fork Bending Routine!.


Back in our kitchens.

Garlic Fried Scallops and Tofu, covered with Sweet Corn Soup with Beetroot Oil. This dish is served lukewarm and is a part of our “Aharn” Menu.

Steamed Black Sticky Rice with Egg Custard Topping. Brown sugar is sprinkled on top at the last minute and caramelised before serving.

To finish the meal, a Coconut and Coffee “Capuchino”.


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