Lobsters & Tasting Menu

Lobsters. Everyone loves them. Poached, boiled, BBQ-ed, it doesn’t matter. We all love Lobsters.


A-Team Lobsters mean grilling, eaten with Jéow Som, a sour spicy sauce, pungent yet sharp. Add a few garlic cloves in to the mortar and you have perhaps one of the best sauces you can eat. We all fight over the heads of the Lobsters, soft, squidgy and flavoursome.


Khamsene gets stuck in, slicing the Lobsters in half, in a matter of seconds they will be on the hot coals of the BBQ, cooked “Shell Down”, and covered with a piece of Foil Paper, to capture the natural steam that will lightly cook the exposed flesh. Never overcooking the Lobsters, they will remain juicy and tender.


Back in the Restaurant, King holds a meeting about our new “Tasting Menu”. It is our wish that diners get to sample various dishes, traditional and modern, in one sitting. We discuss what dishes can be used, they are all dishes that are on our seasonal menu, with a few new additions to be added.


King and I decide that 13 “Tastes” should be sufficient, and that we should not be confined to a set menu, so it is decided to go “Omakase” style. This Japanese term meaning that the kitchen will prepare whatever they consider to be the best dishes, using the freshest ingredients. The influence is mostly heavily Laotian (and took a lot of work), with a few New Style touches. On our first night the result was;

1. Appetizer of “Squid Lollipops”

2. Saki´s Sashimi Rose of Sea Bass with Ginger Dressing

3. New Style Goong Che Nam Pla with Melon

4. Crispy “Kiep Gai” (Fried Chicken Skin) with Laotian Tomato Chutney and Red Apple Air

5. Khamsene Chicken Cakes with Sweet Tamarind Sauce

6. Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls

7. Aubergine Chips with Mushroom Chutney (Jéow Hét)

8. Larb Phet with Cucumber (Laotian Duck & Cucumber Salad)

9. Tofu with Green Curry

10. “Weeping Tiger”

11.  Basil and Chicken Fried Rice

12. Diced Pineapple with Pineapple Ice Shavings and Gazpacho Sorbet

13. Khamhoung´s Tapioca and Coconut Dessert

Because a few tables ordered the Tasting Menu, called “Aharn Menu”, we made a few changes, making sure that not all the tables received the same dishes. This keeps us on our toes to say the least. Glad to say, everyone was happy, if not “full”. But we learn as we work and the next “Aharn Menu” will be more refined.


After work its time to party.


Junior confirms that the “Kojak” style is the rage.


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