Honourary Lao Cook

The A-Team´s Honourary member is Darly. For the work that she has done to bring Lao Culture, Cuisine, Music, Media and Awareness in to the spotlight.

In her spare time she has built a network of Lao sites, finding time between her studies to highlight and showcase our Traditions and Way-of-Life. She is driven by unselfish motives and is the backbone and founder of Laocook.com.

For all that she has done, the A-Team say “Kop Jai”.


Darly´s induction in to the A-Team, flanked by Khamsene, Khamhoung, King, and on the right, Vienne, Saki and Junior.


At the Sushi Bar.


With Khamsene.


With Khamhoung.


Getting an explaination about blades.





Group Photo.



4 thoughts on “Honourary Lao Cook

  1. The last pic looks like you had a couple of bodyguards, the “women in black”?

    Nice team pictures there 😉

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