Back to Work

Back in the Kitchens of the A-Team, something is cooking. New ideas, fueled by traditional methods, inspired by a collective imagination.

Lao Cook

Skewer of Char Siu Pork with Tempura of Courgette.

Lao Cook Broccoli Soup with Pork

Thin slices of Chinese Style Roasted Red Pork with Japanese Style Tempura of Summer Courgette with Broccoli Soup with Lobster Roe Oil. The combination sounds long, and trust me, the preparations takes ages, but the end result is a medley of taste and textures. We serve this immediately so that the Courgettes retain their Crispiness. The Broccoli Soup is cold and the Lobster Roe Oil adds an interesting finish.

Tuna Tartare with Air

Green Tea “Chips” with Tuna Larb and “Jéow Mak Lhen” (Laotian Style Tomato Chutney) with “Air”.

Tuna Tartare

Seems that nowadays every restaurant is playing with “Airs”. This “Air” is made with the Tomato Chutney “Juice”. The “Chips” are made by deep frying triangles of Spring Roll Paper, then seasoned with Maccha Powder and Sea Salt. The Tuna Larb is velvety soft thanks to the quality of the fish, and the Tomato Chutney adds a “Smokey” character, all eaten together with the crunchiness of the “Chips” and wisp of “Air”, a contrast in textures and flavours, but each ingredient seems to keep its own identity.

Laotian Dessert

Khamhoung´s “Split Mung Beans with Coconut Cream, Tapioca Pearls and Caramel Rice”.

Coconut Tapioca Dessert

The Caramel Rice is made by drying Sticky Rice that has been mixed with Black Sesame Seeds, and deep frying it until “Puffed Up”, it is then incorporated in to the thick Caramel, just coating it (We also use this technique for our “Rice Popcorn”, which is just seasoned with Sea Salt instead of Caramel). The rice is crispy, sweet and very addictive, it is also sold in the Morning Market in Vientiane and by Street Vendors. It reminded Khamhoung “of home”.


2 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. The dishes look very beautiful. Air must be the trend these days?

    The next time I am in town I would like to try the tuna larb and of course the Split Mung Beans with Coconut Cream, Tapioca Pearls and Caramel Rice. 🙂

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