12 August Update

A very special friend came to visit, so it was a great excuse to take a short holiday. The A-Team have been slaving away in the hot kitchen, whilst I have been chilling in the hot sun…

Darly and I have been on an Eating Holiday! She was kind enough to bring some Asiatic Herbs and Leaves from Holland, so the A-Team have been munching away on them over the past few days. She also came over with some Seeds, based on the growing experience of my Chilli Plant, I think that we can plant the seeds here, it seems warm enough. Hopefully by next year we will be picking our own Bai Yanang, Kaffir Leaves, Papaya, Pea Eggplants, Pak Boong (Water Spinach) and all the other lovely veggies that we miss so much.

You can keep up with every meal we had at the Food Blog at the Lao Planet Forum.

Today is Saturday, Darly´s last day before she heads home tomorrow. It has been fun having her here, she´s like a part of the family, an Honourable Member of the A-Team!.

Below is a selection of pics that we took over the last week.


Tucking in to some food at our BBQ Party.


Small Lobster, Giant Prawn and King Crab Legs. The King Crab Legs are more than a foot long, meaty and very tasty, I would say that they are better than Lobster Meat. I have read that a King Crab can reach the length of ten feet from claw to claw, now that would be a tasty event…yummy.


Now I know why they are called Giant Prawns…


A trip to the beautiful town of Ronda.


Junior and I take a break from a walk through the historic town which has breath taking views.

Junior and King wait for the beginning of what would be a 21 course Gastronomic meal.


A late night walk to digest the eventful meal.

Look Out Behind You!!



A trip to Seville, where we dared walk in the 42º heat.



Cool Oysters washed down with a chilled Chablis, just like the first meal I had with Darly.


A trip to the beach.


An afternoon lunch in the countryside with Kham, Darly and Kuchi.


Darly admiring the countryside, which is strikingly similar to Laos.


Khamsene getting ready to sing-a-long.




Pre-dinner talk during an evening at my house.


The A-Team have an evening off, but someone has to cook…..


King, Khamsene, Darly, Laurene and Khamhoung.


Darly looks stunning in her Lao dress, King looks “okay” in his England Shirt…lol


Dinner (at last), must be the slow cook in the kitchen…


Chilling out on the garden floor…..

We had a great week, and as with most holidays, they take ages to arrive, and go very quickly…

More pics can be found at Darly´s Lao Planet Gallery.


One thought on “12 August Update

  1. Thank you so much the A-Team for your loving hospitality and warm smiles. I enjoyed every single minutes of my time there. I thought one week was long but when it was over, it was almost too short.

    We’re not that far from each other so who knows I might visit all of you again in the near future. I have to check on your garden you know. 🙂


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