A-Team Fiesta

Long Summer evenings call for Fiestas! When we are not in the hot kitchens, we are next to the pool, the BBQ is lit, and the drinks are flowing.


Getting ready for the Larb.


Ingredients are freshly chopped, ready for the mixing bowl.


A Tum Mak Houng, fresh Herbs and Leaves, a Jéow Padek, Ping Moo & Gai, Geang Nor Mai, Larb and Sticky Rice…yummy…


The food has to be eaten quickly, before the flies arrive….!!, just like back home….


All the food was made possible because Darly brought over the Herbs and Leaves from Holland. As of yet, we still cant get them here. The A-Team wasted no time in preparing these dishes, which they missed so much.

You can take a Lao out from Laos, but you cant take out the Lao from him…

After the food, it was time to throw people in to the pool…


Khamsene being welcomed to the pool…


We all made a great splash that day…


6 thoughts on “A-Team Fiesta

  1. Do you always make your larb so raw? Lemongrass, chilis, kaffir lime, mint, shallots and what’s the white stuff? It can’t be garlic.

  2. The Lao Cook Team like their larb raw. They are so happy to be able to get their hands on fresh meat there. This is something they weren´t able to do back in Laos. I can still remember my mother buying meat from Talat Thatluang or Tala Sao and it was not so fresh.

    The white stuff is Laos Galanga or Kha. I´m sure The Lao Cook Team would have added more herbs if they were available.

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