The Other Side

I get to taste the food that we make everyday, but it is not often that I get to taste it as a “Diner”. To be on the other side of the Swinging Door that separates the Kitchen from the Restaurant.

My date and I were treated to a small “Tasting Menu”.

Salad Dressed with “Laotian Salad Dressing” and Beef “Lorn”, dried marinated Sesame beef strips. The dressing is made from cooked Egg Yolks.

Sea Bass Rose with Yuzu Dressing. Yuzu is a fantastic Japanese Citrus fruit, it has a characteristic tang that is similar to Lime crossed with Orange.

Tuna Toro with Avocado Tower. The Tuna is so meltingly soft, the Tower is made by shaping paper thin slices of Avocado.

New Style Goong Che Nam Pla with Caramelised Shallots and Cilantro Oil.

Homemade Prawn and Pork Dumplings, deep fried and served with Sweet Soy and Sesame Sauce.

“Kiep Moo Or”, Laotian Style Crispy Pork Stew with Dill, the skin still remains crunchy and the aroma of Dill is enchanting.

Crispy Fish with Sweet Spicy Tamarind Sauce. Rolled Fillet of Sea Bass stuffed with Dry Green Onion and Lemon Grass, served with a Sweet and Spicy Tamarind Sauce.

Fatty “Ping Gai” Chicken with Spicy Laotian Tomato Chutney. The Fat on the Chicken renders the marinated meat tender and juicy. The Tomato Chutney is made with Black Roasted Tomatoes and Shallots, and has an intricate smokey aroma.



6 thoughts on “The Other Side

  1. Looks good. I like that ping kai. I do something similar with boned leg meat and cilantro root-based marinade.

    Is your fatty chicken a special kind of chicken?

  2. Yes, the Chicken is actually a “Pularda”, a “Fattened Hen”. We use Coriander Roots also, we love the aroma. Do you cook for a living, or pleasure?

  3. Pularda, very interesting. I’ve never heard of it. Must be unique to Spain. How does it compare to a Bresse hen?

    I cook for pleasure. It would be nice to do it professionally but…do you have space in your kitchen? haha

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