New Style Squid Lollipops

We have taken our idea of Squid Lollipops and reworked it.

It is strange when new ideas are born. Last night we were having a drink when I noticed some flowers in the corner of the bar. The flowers looked like Lollipops, so our conversation turned to our Squid Lollipops that we made a few days ago.

I wanted the Lollipops to look more like the sweets I used to by when I was a kid, the ones with bright attractive colours.

We used Soboro, a Japanese term for boiled, dried, sweetened fish flakes (sounds wierd, tastes great). You can add food colouring to the Soboro to achieve the bright colours. Saki made our Soboro using Seabass, and Sen made the Squid Balls using a base of seasoned Squid and Cuttlefish. The Squid Balls are deep fried, dipped in to Sweet Sauce then rolled in the coloured Soboro. The texture is Springingly Chewy and Sweet yet Savoury.

We chose Pink, Yellow and Green because those were the colours I had seen recently in a Sweet Shop.

Tonight we served three Squid Lollipops per person as an Amuse Bouche. They got such a great reaction too…

We are now looking at making a Fish “Candyfloss”, that should be fun….


3 thoughts on “New Style Squid Lollipops

  1. Squid that looks like candy? Gross. I thought it was mochi. That would be better. Mochi on a stick. Grill it.

  2. Yes, Squid Lollipops! lol. Sometimes a little “fantasy” opens the eyes. We like to make “New Style Foods”, it keeps our imagination growing. We will be making som Tum Mak Houng Ice Cream soon too….

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