Mango Maki Sushi

Sometimes when you are presented with a top quality ingredient, you just want to use it all up at once. A batch of Mangoes arrived to our kitchen which just cried out to be used.

They where hard though soft, sweet though sour and they were bursting with flavour, yet not over whelming.

Saki and Kuchi got an instant idea and used them in their Maki Sushi, and what an idea it was. The Vinegared Rice was in tune with the Acidity of the Mango, and the Soy Sauce and Wasabi danced with the Sweetness of the fruit, plus the whole thing held a well defined texture, the rice remained Chewy and Elastic, whilst the Mango just slid around your taste buds.



Using Fruits with Rice is nothing new, and at first we were all excited about dipping the Mango Maki in the Wasabi and Soy Sauce. We even thought about making a quick Sugar and Salt based sauce for the Sushi, but later decided to remain faithful to the Sushi genre and use Wasabi.

Saki explains the Mango Maki must be made “a la minute” to ensure that fruit does not change colour and the Vinegar from the Rice should be allowed to fuse with the fruit, each ingredient, including the Nori must be “Independent”, that way the outside is naturally “Crunchy” (Nori), the Rice at Room Temperature, and the Mango firm yet soft.


One thought on “Mango Maki Sushi

  1. It would be interesting to see that done as a dessert with coconut rice instead of vinegared rice.

    Have you guys experimented with kaipen as a substitute for nori?

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