The Two Kham´s

Khamsene (Sen) and Khamhoung (Kham) are both from Vientiene, Laos.

When asked about their jobs, both answer with the same affirmative tone that they love cooking, the passion that drives them speaks many languages. Both are traditionalist at heart in the kitchens, but they have opened their minds and help the A Team produce our New Style Dishes with vigor and “Gana”.


Not only is Sen versed in Laotian Cuisine, he is also a deft hand at Chinese and European techniques.


Sen´s Crispy Salmon and Sweetcorn Fishcakes are served with a Chinese style Plum Sauce, which he adds Chillies soaked in Sugar Syrup.


Kham keeps a cool head in our hot kitchen and is stationed in the hottest part. He works the Flames with the help of the others and is responsible for most of the “Wok Work”.


Away from the Wok, Kham prepared a traditional Custard steamed within a Pumpkin. Served either warm or cold (better), the custard has a lovely texture which goes well with the velvet pumpkin.


4 thoughts on “The Two Kham´s

  1. Kham is gold in Lao language. The A Team is golden to many of us. We’re behind you and you all make us proud. Bring on the Lao Cuisine to the world, whether old style or new style. 🙂

  2. I love traditional Custard steamed in a pumpkin. By far my favorite Lao desert. When I was younger, my mom used to make it for special family gatherings. We would remove the seeds and watch her pour the whole custard inside the whole pumpkin. Steamed and then sliced up for everyone to enjoy. Yummy! This picture itself is just full of good memories.

    Keep up the great job Lao Cook team 😉

  3. I love desserts and starting to learn how to cook. Can you give me a recipe to make kanom chun? My mom taught me how to make it, but yours look sooo yummier compared to my version of it.
    Also, the way I make ” Som Pla ” is different from the way you guys make it. I cutted off the head, tail, clean out the guts and that thing inside the mouth. I clean the fish and add the ing. and pat it for at least 45 minutes or more depends on how many fish.
    Also, my mom makes great padek that you can literally cook all the Laotian/Thai dishes and even jum sticky rice and eat it like that. Well, I love to cook and try to learn how to make all kinds of desserts, main dishes, app, etc. Pls share. Thank you so much!

    Nong Vanh

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