July 23 Update

It has been a very hot week here, at least the A-Team can enjoy their pool, it will be BBQ´s and Parties all summer now…

Unlike in Supermarkets where the products are already packed and ready to use, when we buy our vegetables and meats, they all need all cleaning (trimmed, sinew removed, sometimes even plucked). Everything is prepared for the same day´s Service, that ensures that only the best parts are used for our diners. We don’t waste anything, all the trimmings and bones of meats, fish and vegetables are used in Stocks and sauces. Preparation of the food takes up the most time during the day, cooking is the easy part…


The Teppan Prep.


The Pak Choi is lightly blanched and refreshed in Ice Water with Sesame Oil, the Asparagus is trimmed. Blanching Vegetables allows us to cook them faster when needed, it using the Ice Bath allows us to keep the colours fresh. We never overcook vegetables, otherwise they loose colour, texture and more importantly, vitamins and flavour.


the deep red colour of the Pigeon Breast looks inviting. It is cooked medium rare and goes very well with spicy sauces, or with a pinch of Sea Salt and a good red wine.


Last night we made some Amuse Bouche consisting of Peking Duck Rolls, Crispy King Prawns and Sticky Rice “Pop Corn”.


A great way to use up left over Sticky Rice. Allow to dry out for a few days and fry in hot oil, season whilst still warm…


New Style Tuna Larb


Two blocks of best Tuna on a seasoned Plate. Ground Toasted Sticky Rice is added just before serving, then you cut it up and “mix it” yourself.


3 thoughts on “July 23 Update

  1. Recently, I find myself looking at the art of cooking more and more on TV. Over here Jamie Oliver (of course) and Gordon Ramsey are quite big as TV personalities.

    I can see how much time goes into preparation or even cutting the veggies (Julliette etc.) as a single process. A lot of work but it looks great!

  2. A great way to use up left over Sticky Rice. Allow to dry out for a few days and fry in hot oil, season whilst still warm…

    I can see nothing is wasted in your kitchen. Cheers.

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