July 17 Update

I have spent the last few days in Winster, Derbyshire, UK, to attend one of my best friend´s wedding. On the special day we had great weather, almost like in Spain!. The town is small, cosy and picturesque.


One of the 3 streets that make up the centre of Winster.


View from our Bedroom at the Dower House, Winster.


The house has 4 lovely and spacious bedrooms for rent, the price includes a wonderful Country Style English Breakfast, cooked on their AGA range, a cooker that I hope to have for myself one day…


One of the beautiful Cottages in the Peak District.

One thing that I like about the Countryside is the big open green spaces.

Rose and I spent the day before the wedding visiting Chatsworth House.

The day really belonged to Helen and John.


Jack, John and Helen Butler.

Rose and I at a local pub before we head off to the church.


At the reception, it was Roasted Hog on the menu….

Last year, around the same time, I went to my other best friend´s wedding, Ben and Sally.


Sally and Ben Sofoluwe.


Different suit, less weight, more hair……

It looks like that I am the last to take “the big leap”. Who knows….

Anyway, it is customary at all weddings to dance and be merry, and trust me, I did just that…



Great news!, Anouck is now being featured at laomusic.nu.


The Laocook Team are very proud of her (she is Laurene´s baby sister) and cant wait until her Cd is released.


I usually do my online shopping (for English language products) at Play.com. They deliver free in Europe, which is handy for me, and they have a wide range of products. The latest products that I have purchased are:


Dead Like Me, Series One. Wonderfully dark and funny.


The Templar Legacy, the book that I am currently reading.


Meanwhile, back in the Kitchens….

During my short holiday, King has been taking over the reigns at the LC Kitchens.

In my absence, they have been working on a New Style “Tum Mak Deng with Lime Sorbet” and “Rice Popcorn”, both of these should feature soon on our Amuse Bouche dishes.


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