Grapefruit & Salmon Salad with Orange Oil

I remember when I was a kid making a Jéow for unripe mangoes or sour apples. The sauce base was Sugar dissolved in Fish Sauce, sometimes I added Anchovies, Shallots or Chilli Flakes. No matter what ingredients we did or didn’t use, we could never leave out Ground Toasted Sticky Rice, which binds the sauce together and added a Toasty aroma.

I also used to enjoy the sauce with sour Grapefruits, hence the creation of this dish. We have taken a simple idea and transformed it a little.

This is our Grapefruit & Salmon Salad with Orange Oil




You will need:

Fresh Salmon (or any other Sushi Grade fish)

Sugar (about 30g)

Nam Pla (Fish Sauce)

Chives, chopped

Dash of Sesame Oil

Dash of Lemon Grass Oil

Orange Oil (about 3 tablespoons)

Shallot (diced)

Ground Toasted Sticky Rice

9 Grapefruit Segments, skin and pith removed

Pinch of Maldon Sea Salt (this will bring out the best in the Grapefruit)


Cut five thin slices on an angle from the Salmon. Keep cool.

Read on….

To make the sauce:

In a small mixing bowl add the Sugar, and Nam Pla to cover. Mix well until the Sugar has dissolved (this may take some time). Don’t worry at this stage if the Sugar and Nam Pla mixture tastes a little salty. Shake the Orange Oil and add about three tablespoons. This will kill off some of the saltiness of the Nam Pla. Add the diced Shallots and some Chopped Chives, then a dash of Sesame Oil and Lemon Grass Oil, taste and adjust seasoning if required, it should taste sweet with a hint of saltiness. Add some Ground Toasted Sticky Rice to thicken. Set aside.


Lay five segments of Grapefruit on your plate. Sprinkle with a pinch of Maldon Sea Salt.



Carefully cover the segments with the Salmon.


Place the remaining four Grapefruit segments on top of the Salmon.


Stir and pour the sauce over the Salmon & Grapefruit, garnish with some Chives.


If the sauce is a little too sweet for your liking, you can also add a dash of Grapefruit Juice to the mixture. The sauce renders the Salmon melting soft and the Grapefruit segments add a delightful bitter/sour accent.

There will be enough sauce for two portions of the dish, you just have to double the Salmon and Grapefruit.


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