July 4 Update

Happy Independence Day to all those celebrating it.

Junior´s Teppan Training is complete and before he went “live” we had a final “Dress Rehearsal” with the staff.



Our “Busy Season” will kick off in September, so from now until then we have some extra free time to relax and catch the rays of the sun.


Laurene & Patti hit “La Playa”.


Junior “Up to his neck”.


Guess it is all “down hill from here”…


A nice “Right” from Patti…


9499! We´ll have to be careful what we say to her in future…


Back in the Kitchen we are still working on the dish for Alexandra.


Her Official Site has her Bio as well as news about events, also be sure to check out her Fan Site.

We hope to be able to mix Bulgarian and Laotian ingredients, like a blending of two cultures. After a few trials, it looks as though we will continue with the theme of Yoghurt, which is featured in many Bulgarian Recipes. It is unlikely that we will be able to get hold of Authentic Bulgarian Yoghurt, which is creamier and more full bodied than say Greek Yoghurt which is widely available.

Our finished recipe will probably be a Modern combination, and will definitely be a Summer item.

We have had great fun with Tarator, which is a Cold Bulgarian Yoghurt based soup (or Liquid Salad, depending on how you look at it), and it reminds us of Gazpacho (due to the acidity of the Vinegar and “point” of garlic), which in turn reminds us of Tum Mak Deng…weird the way we think…..

Whatever direction we take, you can be sure that we will post the results at Laocook.


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