June 24 Update

We love to prepare Asiatic “Canapés”. Not only are they easy to eat, they also look elegant and are a perfect accompaniment to a cold chilled glass of Cava.


When sending out Warm Canapés “timing” is the key, everyone joins in.


Up front are Squid Boulettes, lovingly made by Sen using fresh Squid and Cuttlefish. The texture is subtlety Chewy, the Boulettes even lightly bounce if you drop them on the work surface…


Saki and Kuchi had a good time preparing our “TriColour” of Sushi.


The Asparagus is lightly blanched so it retains Mother Nature´s intended “Crunchiness”. The Ura-Maki (Inside Out Roll, where the Nori is on the inside, and Rice on the outside) is presented with Salmon, Tuna and King Prawn, respectively known as Sake, Maguro and Ebi.


Our New Style “Goong Che Nam Pla” is a great hit in the restaurant, and at times when we take it off the menu, we like to serve it as an Amouse Bouche.


Only a small piece is served to tantalise the appetite.


Coriander (Cilantro) Oil lends the dish its lovely colourful touch. The small dish can be prepared in advance and kept cold until needed, in fact it tastes better having been marinated for 20 minutes or so. Before serving we add a small amount of Caviar.


Continuing the theme of King Prawns, below is a photo of our Black Sesame Prawn Satay, served with a small amount of Tamarind & Black Sesame sauce.


Prawns are very easy to over cook, they just need a light grilling or a few seconds in a hot frying pan, otherwise they end up stringy and tough.


Sen makes sure that the Prawns are cooked “En su punto”.


There are some guests that don’t like the sight or Raw Beef, in this instant we like to offer our “Nahm Dtok”, which is a Larb Beef which has been grilled but still retains its glorious colour. The Lime Juice will quickly change the colour of raw meats (hence each portion has to be made “a la minute”), and when presented on time, the meat will be within the colour-change transition and still retain its tenderness.


We love “Nahm Dtok” , its name adoringly simply translated as “Falling Water”, referring to the beef juices that drip out during grilling. Its like a Larb with a Charcoal overtone, we always make a little more than necessary, just so that we can eat what we don’t serve (trick of the trade!…lol)


Our Salmon isn’t only used for Sushi & Sashimi. We like to grill it and serve it with Japanese style Fried Green Tea Soba Noodles. We remove the skin from the fillet after cooking, brush the fish with some Sweet Soy Sauce and top it with our Roasted Nori Flakes, thus creating a “Fake Skin” which will have a distinct almost “nutty” flavour, whilst we are doing that the real skin is placed back in to the pan and cooked until it is Crispy, we also serve this as a “Salmon Skin Cracker”.


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