The Boat Landing

Our friends at The Boat Landing Guest House & Restaurant based in Luang Namtha, in the North West region of Laos have given us their kind permission to recreate some of their dishes that are featured in their restaurant.

This Eco-Lodge is well situated for those looking to discover, or rediscover unspoilt, rural and authentic Laotian lifestyle, set in the backdrops of the various Nature Reserves and Protected Areas that surround the area.

Their wide menu features traditional Laotian fare and also includes Vegetarian dishes. The Boat Landing has 6 wonderful recipes on their site, and we have taken 2 and recreated them in our kitchens. Take a look at the Original Recipes, they are explained in easy-to-follow steps.

Deconstructed Boat Landing “Aw Lam” (Lao Stew)

It took quite a while to take this recipe and look at it in various compositions. We couldnt get some of the ingredients, like Thai Eggplants or Saw Tooth Herb, so we used Aubergines and other Spanish Vegetables.

The Sticky Rice base is a must, that ensures that the sauce “holds together”.

What we basically did is blend the idea of Aw Lam with a Burger, sounds strange but it is not as it seems.

Pounded with a Pestle & Mortar are Lemon Grass Whites, Chilli, Holy Basil Leaves and Roasted Aubergine which are then are stuffed in to a minced Chicken “Patty”, which is then steamed. We like the taste of Roasted Aubergines and use them when we can. The sauce is enriched with lots of Dill, Spanish Parsley and Coriander. A pleasant surprise awaits when the dish is eaten, when you cut in to the Chicken Patty, the wonderful aroma of cooked herbs fill the air. We serve the sauce separately.


The whole idea of deconstructing a dish to separarate the “layers”, rebuild it at the same time being careful not to take away the original taste.

New Style Boat Landing “Lahp Tofu”

We were very excited about this recipe. We all love Tofu and Lahp, to have them together sounded like an opportunity not to be missed. We started by making The Boat Landing´s recipe, with all the ingredients except the Banana Blossom. In our first trial versions we added diced Red and Yellow Peppers and Shredded Lime Leaves, which added a real Summer touch to the dish. Finally we settled on a combination of the original recipe with a few added ingredients. The Lahp is served on a chilled piece of steamed Courgette & Tofu Ring.


We first cut the Tofu in to cubes, dusted them with cornflour and deep fried them (this is a Japanese technique), we also used Spring Onion Tails and Shallots.


This is a great Summer dish to be enjoyed chilled. Just before serving we add some Mint/Coriander Oil Vinaigrette, just to give it a little Mediterranean touch.

We hope that we have done justice to the Original Recipes supplied by Dorothy Culloty and The Boat Landing.

Work is still continuing on a Deconstructed Lahp Tofu theme, which we will advise you of when it is complete and tried on Human Test Subjects…




One thought on “The Boat Landing

  1. What can I say but this ain’t your mother’s kitchen for sure. Can’t wait to taste all these Lao modern cuisine dishes. Lahp Toful looks spicy and I bet it’s very lite in calories? Does the dish pass for a vegetarian dish?

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