VTE Revisited and Laocook Coconut “Risotto”

King wanted to make a Documentary of our visit to VTE. So he hired a cameraman and we set off on a day of sightseeing, eating and shopping, with the poor cameraman on tow.


King explains the origins, historical and sentimental aspects of the “That Luang“.


There is always someone seeking the attention of the camera…


Laurene with the Patuxay Monument towering behind.


Looking for some snacks we headed of through a maze of back roads until we reached a short dirt track were 4 or 5 makeshift BBQ Shops were selling their specialties.



Hmmm, nothing better than Pork “Organs” and tails to get afternoon going…


Back to the Present.

I have a foundness for a well cooked Risotto. The rice should be “chewy”, and the texture creamy. Though we do not use Italian rice in our cooking, I have taken the concept and use Jasmine rice with Coconut Milk and Coriander.




Above, Fillets of Fish on Coconut Laotian “Risotto” with Spicy Lime/Tomato Sauce.

The rice is very easy to make, and should not be rushed. You will need…

Cooked Jasmine Rice (enough for two person, depends on how much you eat!)

Coconut Milk (we use Arroy D in 400ml)

Sugar (to taste)

Lime Juice (to taste)

Fish Sauce (dash)

Mushroom Soy Sauce

Finely Chopped Fresh Coriander

In a saucepan, add about 50ml of Coconut Milk, a teaspoon of Sugar, dash of Fish Sauce and Mushroom Soy Sauce, gentley warm, but dont allow to boil.

Add the Rice and mix well. The Rice will soak up nearly all of the Coconut Milk, so make sure you mix contantly. The idea is to get the warmed Coconut mixture to heat the rice. When the Rice has absorbed nearly all of the mixture, add another 50ml of Coconut Milk and a teaspoon of Sugar. Mix well. Repeat again, this time adding some Mushroom Soy Sauce to personal taste.

Just when you are about to serve, squeeze in some fresh Lime Juice (you can also add grated Lime Zest), adjust the taste with some sugar if it is too sour or salty, remember to be constantly mixing the rice all the time. You have to work pretty fast during the last stages, if you find that the Coconut Milk is being absorbed too quick, turn the heat down and add a few more tablespoons of Coconut Milk. Finally add the chopped Coriander, mix once more and serve.

The taste should be a lighty tangy/sweet Coconut scented creamy Rice. Eat quickly as the rice will harden when cooled.


When we were kids we we taught “never to play with fire”. Glad to say that we have grown up.


Hot work on the Teppan Table.



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