Life is a Beach, Feria and A Sweet Tooth


The calling of the sea draws members of the LC Team out. Nothing beats a good hot day, nice sand and clear sea.


Kham shows that Laotian can play Football.


A Feria in Spanish means a Local Festival (could be translated as “Boun” in Laotian). It seems that every town has its own unique Feria and reason to celebrate. The Spanish like to take full advantage of parties and reasons to eat and dance, and they make a very special effort when it comes to the Feria. The colourful dresses, flamenco music and smell of cooking Tapas is an incredible one, and has to be experienced to be understood.


Laurene enjoys an afternoon at Sanlucar´s Feria, perhaps one of the most enchanting Ferias within the region.


Singing, Eating and Dancing go hand in hand at the Ferias, which last for about 4 days, 24 hours a day.


Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, the boys are preparing the evenings dinner.


Rose of Tuna from the Almadraba, its so soft, you would think that you are eating Velvet.


King at his Table.


Above, one of our selection of Starters, including New Style Goong Che Nam Pla, a Squid Yum and the mandatory Mini Rolls.


A good Laotian Tomato Chutney is hard to beat. Our friend Manivan has a great recipe on her site. Grilling (or blackening) the vegetables brings out loads of flavours and aromas.


Grilled Fish with Laotian Tomato Chutney, Tamarind Sauce and Roasted Limes.



Our deserts are the fruits of many ideas, and they are prepared lovingly by our Pastry section. As with most dishes, ideas are thrown about, flavours respected and matched with fresh suggestions. Our Pastry Team is led by Japanese Chef Aki and French counterpart Pascal. The deserts, like our menu are changed every 48 hours, so it keeps everyone on their toes.

(Above, Passion Fruit & Mango Mousse Under Minestrone of Fresh Fruits.)

Everyone knows that Rice plays an important role in Laotian food. We cannot dream of a meal that wouldn’t include Rice (or Noodles). When we look at deserts featuring rice, coconut springs to mind, after that Milk. Milk Rice Pudding is wonderfully creamy, and when you use Soya Milk, the taste becomes its own.


Our Creamy Soya Milk Rice Pudding with Apples, Crumble (that would be the British in me speaking) with Calvados Ice Cream (French Apple Brandy) with Dried Apple. It is served cold, the rice “al dente” to retain its natural texture, the rich Milk Pudding and Sweet Ice Cream add a cool softness.

One thought on “Life is a Beach, Feria and A Sweet Tooth

  1. “Rose of Tuna from the Almadraba, its so soft, you would think that you are eating Velvet.”

    looks like toro. does it have to be sliced so thick? a little clunky/inelegant as a rose

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