3 May Update: Cádiz, Fresh Rolls & Yum, Pla Choo Chee

During our spare time, we like to either sleep, party or get out and about. Cádiz, the ancient (and oldest City in Europe)Capital of the Province is only a short drive away. It is said that the coastal town was the birthplace of Fish & Chips, (I am sure that the British would have something to say about that!.). However, the fried fish and seafood around the town are very tasty indeed.

Sen chills out in Càdiz. You can always tell who is Lao, its bright (note the sunglasses), sunny and extremely hot (note the JACKET!!!)…


Work continues in our kitchens. We had a delivery of live Lobsters and decided to make some Fresh Spring Rolls with them. We like to add crispy vegetables and some Japanese Somen Noodles. The sauce is punctured with Lime Juice to give it a nice tang.

We serve the rolls with a very summery “Yum” of Squid with Pineapple and Apples. We like paring foods with fruits, the combinations are endless and very refreshing.


Pla Choo Chee is a Thai recipe which we have reworked. There are many recipes for the dish, but what they all have in common is Fish, Coconut Milk, Red Curry Spice and Shredded Lime Leaves. Most times the recipe calls for the fish to be cooked in the sauce, much like a curry, however, we find that grilling the fish skin side down and adding the concentrated sauce after brings out more flavour and stops the fish from breaking up.

Grilling the fish skin side down over a moderate heat with a little oil makes the skin crispy. Though the otherside is “raw” it will continue to “cook” on the warm dish (placing the hot fillets on top of eachother also helps) and by the time it arrives to the table, it will be “en su punto”.

I have added Sesame Oil Blanched Pak Choi Leaves with and Tiger Prawns to give the dish a more appealing look, flavour and texture.

The montage is quite a balancing trick, which I am assured the waitresses look forward to…

Finally the Choo Chee sauce is carefully spooned around the dish. To get a good consistancy for the sauce, it should be cooked over a slow flame and only seasoned just before serving. Finally sprinkle the dish with finely chopped Lime Leaves.

One thought on “3 May Update: Cádiz, Fresh Rolls & Yum, Pla Choo Chee

  1. OMG, the jacket! I am also guilty of wearing a jacket all year round, just to get the temperature right. 😛

    Bravo for being brave and mixing ideas and re-inventing dishes. The pictures look great and I have no doubt the taste is amazing. I like it when you said “The sauce is punctured with Lime Juice to give it a nice tang”. I can feel the sauce kicking my taste buds.

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