May 19: Turbo Dinner and Fiestas

At the close of the three week Press Launch of the new Porsche 911 Turbo, the Lao Cook Team were honoured to make one of the Farewell Dinners.

Toon finishes his Watermelon carving.

It takes concentration and skill to make such a beautiful piece of art. (Like most pics on the site, you have to ignore the Time Stamps, some of us have yet to learn how to remove them…)

The main course was one of our favourites. Ping Gai!!

We like to use the thigh as it cooks well and remains moist. For the Rice Parcel, the rice is first fried with Eggs, Maggi and Coriander, then carefully wrapped in a Spring Roll sheet. The Vegetable “Basket” is made with Yuca.  

The Sauce is made with Coconut Milk and Red Spices which have been infused with Kaffir Leaves.


The Lao Cook Team is not only about work, it is also about being together, and those who work hard, party hard.

Kuchi, Laurene and Peng (in the background Saki and King)

Patti and I join in the fun.

“Control” is when you can freely dance without spilling a drop…


Not all Party´s take place at night..

Summer Tracks spun by the resident DJ…hehehe

Everyone loves a good “Lum”…

It is customary at all Lao Cook BBQ party´s that all people  get wet. That means everybody.

Jopi receives her “Welcome”…

Dont trust Kuchi near the pool when he has that “Grin”…

Saki makes his own splash….


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