May 13: Saki, Half a Turbo and a Rainbow

What a week this has been!. We have been busy, which is good because it has kept us out of mischief.


Saki, our Thai Sushi cook has been busy making our Sushi Balls, which are a great hit.

Saki originates from the North of Thailand, and speaks perfect Lao. I discovered Saki (real name Phayungsak) working in a Japanese Restaurant in Bangkok, and asked him if he wanted to the chance to work in Spain, and the rest is history…

SakiĀ trainedĀ as a traditionalist, has learned to appreciateĀ New Style Foods and is now very open to suggestions and the possibility of Modernising Thai, Lao and Japanese Foods.

When asked what he likes most about Spain, he replies the “Way of Life, and the Sunsets”.

We can see why…


For the time being we must have one of the most lovely Car Parks that we have ever seen.

The roar of the engines is music to the ears, I must confess that I have never really thought that these cars were beautiful, until I saw them close up, every detail is intense, thought out and elegant. Being near these Iconic cars over the past few weeks has really opened my eyes. The cars are being test-driven each day by various Journalists, who can enjoy the thrill of taking corners on our curvaceous roads at 240kph. Hold on to your stomach!…

Ever wonder what one of these looks like from the “Inside”?

On display on pour Bar Patio is a unique dissected model.

A truly outstanding Automobile.

The Boot (Trunk) is in the front of the car, whilst the Twin Turbo Engine sits in the back. I want one of these….


Our lovely friend Dara


from Lyon asked us for a recipe for one of her favorite drinks/ deserts. “Xung Xa” also known as “Che Ba Mau” is a drink/ desert closely associated with Vietnam. Fondly referred to as “Rainbow Drink”, (you will see why), the Lao Cook Team are a little divided over the recipe, as the Lao and Thai also have a simular drink (as with all SE Asian recipes, there are many different versions). But what we all agree on is the use of Sweetened Coconut Milk.

In our research, we have found that many recipes call for Yellow MungĀ and Red Azuki Beans, which must be soaked in water before steaming. Being in the countryside (Bahn Nork) of Spain, these ingredients are hard to come by. The Lao cooks prefer to use Grass Jelly (Black), whilst my Thai contingency like the texture of Lod-Chong (Short Pandan Noodles), or it could be vice-versa because I have seen the ingredients on my travels through both Laos and Thailand.

We are still in our Trial Phase of the dish, but what we have agreed on is that the Coconut Milk should be sweetened with Sugar Syrup and not Sugar Granules. We don’t normally like to release pics from the testing phase as the final presentation is always different to the practice runs. But seeing as Dara is has been waiting a while we decided lay the rule book under the table.

You could call this the Lao/Thai version, which includes both the Grass Jelly and Lod-Chong (homemade).

At the same time as we are trying to come up with what we consider the best recipe, minds are at work on a New Style Rainbow, which I have added Champagne Jelly to. We have been working lately with Champagne Tapioca, so I thought that it would be a great idea to try to incorporate that in to the Rainbow Drink. The flavour of the Champagne Jelly goes well with the sweetness of the Coconut Milk and the chewy texture of the Tapioca balls and Lod-Chong, you can of course omit the Bubbly, but I think that adding it opens the boundaries of Cuisine in general. Never be afraid to try anything.

The drink reminds me of the timeĀ I made a Tea Jelly with Banana and PiƱa Colada Foam, sadly I have no pics of the desert, but I can tell you that it was made in a Martini glass using homemade Iced Tea with Vanilla, and lovely Mousse of Banana and Apple Baby Food with Greek Yogurt (yes, Baby Food, its full of Vitamins and other good stuff) and topped with a refreshing PiƱa Colada Foam…hmmmm.

Talking about Foam, that gives me an idea about our new Rainbow Drink, what would happen if I used Coconut Foam instead of Coconut Milk?…hmmmm… Have to give that a go. Stay tuned for the final recipe when we finally get round to it…






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