Laocook Team has been busy lately and is proud to be a part of the new Porsche 911 Turbo Launch. Everyday we are cooking for International Journalists who have been flown in for the special event. The whole hotel has been taken over by the German car maker for the launch of the new model. The cars are beautiful, graceful and powerful. Today we can show you some Official pics that were taken of the cars in and around the village. At some point I will test drive one of these things myself.

Our White Villages and surrounding countryside are a pleasure to drive through, and Porsche have taken over some roads with winding curves set in picturesque settings to take advantage of the Twin Turbo Cars. Those of you who follow Motoring Programmes keep an eye out for the new car.

Last weekend, The Laocook Team were delighted to offer the Porsche Executives and selected Journalists from Asia a Laotian style Gala dinner. The menu went like this.

Mosaic of Sushi Balls with Salmon, Tuna and Seabass


“Dtom Khem Gai” with Quail Eggs

Beef Larb with Roasted Rice and Herbs

Steamed Vegetables with Garlic and Soy Dressing

Fried Rice


Gazpacho Sorbet on Coconut Sticky Rice

Below is perhaps my favorite pic.


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