Mosaic of Sushi Balls, New Style “Dtom Khem” etc…

Last night we made our Mosaic of Sushi. The Sushi is presented in Ball shape, to make it easy to eat in one go.

Saki, Kuchi and King have used Salmon, Tuna and Seabass.

To obtain the near perfect ball shape, the morsels of fish are laid on Cling Film, a small amount of Rice is added, then we carefully twist the film around the fish and rice to create small spheres. The Sushi Ball is kept cool until needed.


We like to serve small Pots of Vegetables with our dishes, below Kham prepares the evenings garnishes.

Just before serving, we add some Garlic Oil and Soy Sauce.


Everyone likes Spring Rolls, especially our Mini Rolls, we we like to serve as Amuse Bouche. We have a large collection of Mini Rolls with different fillings. Depending on what we are serving the Mini Rolls can consists of Vegetables and Vermicelli, Chicken and Baby Carrots, Crab and Chives, Lobster with Coriander etc… It takes a deft hand to make all the rolls the same size.

Toon & Peng present our Mini Rolls which were enjoyed with Juve y Camps Reserva de la Familia Cava


New Style “Dtom Khem”.

We have taken a childhood favourite and reshaped it. I have used Eel as I find the texture interesting. Its a nasty job to clean the eels, especially when they arrive alive. A good job then that Saki is quick with his hands. We have slow roasted the Eel with Sweet Soy Sauce and Sake.

Eel is a very fatty tasting fish and contains huge amounts of natural gelatin, (I miss Jellied Eels, those viewers from the UK will understand). Like other fatty ingredients (e.g. Foie Gras), Eels are best served with a sour or sweet accompaniments. Thats when I thought of “Dtom Khem”.

We took a simple “Dtom Khem” of Chicken as a base. I removed the pieces of meat, clarified the sauce, reduced it, added some Sherry and Star Anise and made a jelly. The sweetness of the jelly is a contrast to the heaviness of the Eel.

The mashed Eel meat sits on top of its gelatinous skin, we have mixed in a little Vinegar to balance the taste. A “Dtom Khem” Quail Eggs rests on top. To add a crunchiness to the dish, a Mini Roll sits aside the fish whilst the “Dtom Khem” Jelly is served in a spoon.

The “clearness” of the jelly is achieved by Clarifying. To do this, simply remove the meat from the “Dtom Khem” and set aside for another dish, slowly bring the liquid to a boil, add a dash of Sherry and a few Star Anise, simmer until reduced by a third, adjust seasoning if too salty. Strain through a sieve lined with a damp clean cheesecloth. Mix 2 or 3 egg whites with some cold water and add to the strained liquid. Over a moderate heat, bring the liquid back to the boil, when boiling remove from the heat and set aside for about 10 minutes. What happens now is that the egg whites will cook and rise to the surface, collecting most traces of “debris” along the way and “clean” the stock. Remove the now cooked egg whites and pass though another sieve lined with a damp clean cheesecloth. What you will have now is a clear brown liquid, with all the taste of “Dtom Khem”.

Soak a Gelatina Leaf in a little cold water for 5 minutes until softened, remove from the water then add it to the warm “Dtom Khem” sauce, mix well and tip in to a mould and cool in the fridge for a few hours, when needed, carefully tip out the jelly and cut in to small cubes.



3 thoughts on “Mosaic of Sushi Balls, New Style “Dtom Khem” etc…

  1. What a way to eat sushi. Great job Vienne and the Lao Cook Team. Whenever I’m in the neighborhood, I’ll drop by and sample these Sushi Balls. I like their appearance and will feel comfortable eating them.

    Whenever I eat the normal sushi, especially the rectangular shape rice. I have the urge to cut them in half because they are too big for my standard. Yeah I know I’m strange. But it’s not very ladylike to put the whole thing in my mouth. Biting half of it is not so pretty either.

    This is coming from the person who tried to swallow the entire lobster? 😛

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