Dressing Up

There are certain times in your life that you are required to Dress Up. Going to Parties, Weddings and other Important or Celebratory occasions.

Then there are times when you are required to go “Fancy Dress”, mostly these occasions result in heavy drinking and “the play of the day”. Like most tourists, when visiting other countries, I like to get involved in a bit of History, and many visitors to Vientiane inevitable end up having their photo taken “a la Fancy Dress”. Some with disastrous results. Whilst some people are naturally photogenic, others need a little help from the “Make-Up Lady”. In my case, she either had a hangover or just didn’t like the look of the heavy Laotian with the “Funny Accent”.

I look pale or sick, okay, I was actually tanned, but you would never guess with the layers of make-up she applied (in good faith I was told…). However, my little cousin Marina looks adorable.

King refused to have make-up applied, I should have listened to his advice.

Lauren’s Half-sister and her look fantastic. Laurene would continue to keep the make-up on the entire day…

Rose and Laurene´s Half-sister. Don’t laugh, I am sure that Laotians in Spanish Costume would look just as funny.


An early morning visit to the Temple, and Rose dons a traditional dress.

Rose, my Auntie Tata Nuan Chun with my cousin Melody (Mariana´s younger sister), my Thai Auntie Rung and Laurene.


3 thoughts on “Dressing Up

  1. Thanks for sharing the pics Vienne. You look like a royalty person. When I first saw the pic and didn’t know it was you I thought it was a pic of a Lao prince. 🙂

    Rose looks elegant with the traditional Lao dress. I like the blue outfit on her especially.

  2. I din’t know there were laotian communities and temples in Spain! Sorry but I can’t imagine laotian lives in Afganistan neither but there is!

    Very nice picture Vienne by the way.

  3. Thanks Pammy!

    Those pics were taken in Vientiane during our visit in January 2006. I know that there are a few Laotians scattered in Spain, but where we live, there is only us…

    I cant imagine that someone will build a Wat in such a Catholic Society for the time being, but it would be great if there were more of us here..

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