Our Friends with “Lao” Food Blogs

We are very happy for all the visitors that browse The Lao Cook Website, the whole inspiration for site was for you. Alas, it is dedicated to you.We want to share with you some other interesting blogs from our friends that feature the Lao Kitchen.

Laocuisine is a site set up by our dearest friend Darly. The site is about sharing the Lao Kitchen and features recipes from well known Authors and Cooks.

Lao Cuisine.jpg


Blogtest de Dara is an interesting site from our French based Lao-Viet friend. She is wonderfully interested in all types of foods and her step-by-step recipes are an inspiration to the Lao Cook Team. The site is in French, but if you email Dara, I am sure that she will send you the recipe in English. (A big hug to Pammy from Laoplanet for introducing Dara´s site to us).



Canada based Manivan Larprom´s site is another great Laotian Food site. She carefully explains her recipes and also uses Narrative Video Clips to show you the techniques used to create her wonderful Lao dishes, which she learnt from her Father.

Thai Lao Food.JPG

Darly, Dara and Manivan have put in a great deal of time to broadcast their love and respect for Lao Foods, and The Lao Cook Team hope that we can do the same.


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