May 3rd 2006


20 small Lobsters arrived earlier during the week, all destined to be eaten and enjoyed…yummy.. We like to par-steam our Lobsters, and have to tie them together, that way when they are cooked, the remain straight. Normally we would tie a spoon to the underside of the Lobster before rapidly steaming it, but when you have more than one, its easier to tie them together. You should shell the Lobsters when they are lukewarm, that way the meat is easily removed from the shell and retains its lovely red colour. We enjoy fresh Lobsters medium rare.



Sushi is one of our best dishes, above Saki adds the finishing touches to a large Restaurant booking. The pinkness of the Tuna is from the cut that has originated near the stomach, it just melts in your mouth… We have also used Salmon and Seabass.


Our Pastry section has come up with a mouthwatering Chocolate Dream. Here we present it with “Creme Anglais” and Chocolate Sauce. The base of the cake is a crunchy Coffee Biscuit. The rich Chocolate, especially sent over from Belgium is a Chocoholics fantasy.


We are based about a 30 minutes drive from the sea. The beaches we choose to chill out at are unspoilt and at this moment, not over crowded. We are lucky that we have a space that is far from the madding crowd, and when we can, we like to take full advantage of it.

Laurene and Patty arrive at our secret location. The Atlantic waters are clean and cool, the sand is soft and warm.

Laurene makes a splash….



Now that the days are longer, BBQ´s are great. I love the aroma of Char-grilled meats, especially with Ice Cold Beer. Above Peng and I enjoy and early evening drink.

Toys for Boys.



Outside the restaurant window a couple of birds have decided to set up home. I envy the freedom that they have, being able to soar the skies, carefree and happy. We have decided not to remove the nest, and when the eggs hatch, I am sure that we will name each one of the chicks. No, we are not going to eat them….




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