Larb Gai, Lemon Grass Fish and Party

Sometimes we like to use traditional recipes and add a modern touch. I mean, that is what Lao Cook Team is all about…

Darly told me that she made some Chicken Larb (Larb Gai) this weekend, so I thought, “Why not do the same”.. 🙂

Larb Gai is great when minced by hand, pan fried and mixed at the very last second. As with all Larbs, it is a very simple dish that requires only good honest ingredients. I find pleasure in dry roasting the sticky rice, and then pounding it with a pestle & mortar, the aroma is subtle, but the flavour it lends to the finished dish brings out all the memories of home-cooking.

We serve our Larb Gai in small glasses, as an opener to the meal proper. I have used “Boniato Chips”, also known as Sweet Potato Chips, that have been thinly sliced and fried until its Orange Colour is bright and vibrant. It gives a wonderful texture when eaten with the mini Larb.


We all love fish, and working near a Fishing Port, we always find ourselves with fresh and tender seafood, brought to our kitchens straight from the boats. Feeling a little homesick, last night I decided to make a Lemon Grass Bream, lightly grilled and served medium rare. I marinaded the fish in finely chopped Lemon Grass, with a touch of Thai Mushroom Soy Sauce and a dash of Sherry and Sesame Oil. The combination was very much East meets West.

The fish is served with Braised Cabbage in Sake, Coriander Oil, Trout Caviar and Marbled Orange Oil, which gives the dish a tangy twist. Never overcook fish as it will become tough and ruin the velvet texture that Mother Nature (or the fishermen) intended. 😉


After work its always party time.

Laurene and Patti try their hand at the DJ booth.

BBQ´s at 2am are not uncommon.


2 thoughts on “Larb Gai, Lemon Grass Fish and Party

  1. Since Sim likes to eat happy cows, I will ask if those chickens are happy ones? LOL.

    How do people recieve the toasted rice in Larb Gai? A few Thai/Lao restaurants I went to in the US, you can have your larb with or without toasted rice. I guess being Lao, for some, a larb is not a real larb with no toasted rice or padeak?

    I found another way to make larb gai. I bake the chicken with sprinkles of sea salt and then slice the meat. The chicken breaks apart nicely when you mix it with your hands or using fork and spoon together. I save the little juice left in the baking pan and use it in the larb if needed.

    I like my larb nice and sour so after slicing the chicken, I mix it with lime juice and let it sit for 5 minutes before adding the rest of the ingredients.

  2. Sa bai dee ai!…I was wondering,  if you can make some Laos desert. Like step by step on a video just like how you made som mooh.  I don’t know the names of any Laos deserts but I notice that they are pretty command during new years at the temples.

    Thanks You & God Bless,

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