Meat Balls & Khun Ronald

When I was in VTE, I remember roadside “kitchens” preparing snacks, or Kuan Ghem. These roadside eateries were a very casual affair, mainly made up of a makeshift BBQ and lovely morsels being prepared over the hot coals.

One thing that I enjoyed eating were Meat Balls, whether made of Pork, Beef or even Fish and Chicken. I recall watching in awe as the ladies (for some reason it was always ladies preparing the food) make the balls ever so quickly and deftly from their own secret recipe, they would then either deep fry them in hot oil over the coals or simply grill them. The aroma was inviting and it was Kip well spent.

Last night upon Sen´s idea, we made our own Squid and Prawn Balls, dished up as an Amuse Bouche which we served with some Sweet Chilli Sauce cut with extra Fish Sauce, Fresh Lime Juice, Chives and Coriander.


There are some logos that are universal, logos that everyone would recognise. A lot of positive and negative things have been said about McDonalds, but I think that we all have to agree, its a World Famous Franchise that is recognisable in nearly every language. I too, sometimes, have a craving for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, one day I will show you my own very special ½ Kilo and Cheese version. 😉

Sawadee Khrup Khun Ronald.


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