The Long Pimai, Eggs & Broccoli

Instead of being content with celebrating the midnight hour on December the 31st, the Lao celebrate their New Year over three days.

Wonder why the pic is blurry, too much Champagne for the Photographer…

(From Left to Right: Peng, Toon, Laurene, Jopi, Vienne, Patti, Saki, Erika and Isabel)


You would think that after a “heavy” night, we would spend the next day relaxing, but No!, in true “A Team” fashion we made an afternoonĀ BBQ and ended up splashed and covered in white paste, (mixed Talc with Water), when asked why, the Team replied “If you smell nice on the first day of the New Year, you will smell nice all year round”. Perhaps its true…

Kham and Sen looking untanned.

Kham and Peng (not Son Goku from Dragonball Z!)


After the festivities have died down, or we have run out of Beer, its time to return to the grind of work.

Kham shows off two Ostrich Eggs, that will be destined for a (large) Omelet. The outer shell is so thick that you may need a hammer and saw to open it. We use drills to open a hole in the top before extracting the White and Yolk, that way we can keep the shells for decoration.

Kuchi back in the kitchen preparing Sushi for a small group booking. The roomĀ temperature is controlled to ensure that the fish stays fresh as possible until it is served. It is like working in a fridge.

Now is the season for Broccoli, and below I have taken advantage of a sauce made by Kenji, mixed it with Cream and Lime Essence, added some Tofu “Crisp” Cubes and some Spring Onion Tempura. The softness of the sauce lends a delightful texture to the crunchy Tofu & Tempura.



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