It is strange that I live in such a beautiful country and have not really seen so much of her. So last weekend, I decided to just “go for it” and planned a few days in Ronda.

It is only a two hours from here, and a pleasant drive through the lush greenery of the Spanish countryside. It is a small and wonderfully hypnotic town, full of history.

It was nice to get away from the kitchens for a while, so Rose and I took full advantage of our few days away. We booked ourselves in to a small hotel call El Juncal, just on the outskirts of the town. What a joyful place! They have their own Vineyard, which produces a lovely wine, fragrant and elegant. I love privately owned small hotels, because of the care and attention that the owners and staff put in.

We had a delightful dinner in town at one of the regions best restaurants, where we were pampered with an extraordinary 21 dish “Degustation” menu. A big “Thumbs up” to the Chef Benito, who was nice enough to show me around his kitchen and offer a signed Menu from all his staff.

A truly great weekend! Good Hotel, Good Food, Good Company 😉



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